ºººCarnaval Latinoººº ¡Viva Nueva Orleans!

A Celebration of the Americas


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Carnaval Latino is presented by the Hispanic-American Musicians and Artists Cultural Association H.A.M.A.C.A., a 501 (c) (3) foundation that is dedicated to promoting and fostering the art and culture of the Hispanic community. Through its Annual Carnaval Latino. H.A.M.A.C.A. , seeks to highlight Louisiana’s culture diversity by showcasing the Hispanic component of its rich history.


Simple Hammock

hammock /ˈhæmək/ noun

1. a length of canvas, net, etc, suspended at the ends and used as a bed

As New Orleans continues into the 21st century, it is important to recognize the many contributions that the Hispanic community has made towards our beautiful city. Its primary purpose is to create a vehicle designed to produce by Hispanics, which will make the entire New Orleans community proud, while attracting the ever-growing Hispanic tourist market from the Southeast United States and, eventually, from abroad.

H.A.M.A.C.A. seeks to pattern itself after the many ethnic local organizations which provide successful festival venue which provides an opportunity for local international food, art and music purveyors to be recognized and earn some extra income. Profits will be emailed to help those who make the arts come to life, especially those who are in the process of learning or find their talent.

The nineteenth edition of Carnaval Latino will take place on the Columbus Day weekend (October 13th, 2018) closing out the Hispanic Heritage month.
H.A.M.A.C.A. is grateful for the support of its many sponsors, which include the City of New Orleans and Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

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