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A Celebration of the Americas


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Mexican-born guitar legend Carlos Santana responding to an interview question about what the world needs- November 2014.


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A s the City of New Orleans and the Gulf South region struggles to regain the international recognition as the most Caribbean of American, Carnaval Latino draws on those artists who have shaped our music and culture for hundreds of years to assist in this effort. This artistic redevelopment is a critical and vital step into the future of what will continue to be an eclectic and diverse community.

The New Orleans area continues to evolve with the Hispanic community almost doubling in size from its pre-Katrina levels. Through its determined work ethic, this expanding demographic has enhanced the city’s potential for success.

The vigorous tourism industry that drives the New Orleans region, demands an event that will focus the eyes of the State, the Nation, and the World on how Hispanics have contributed to the history and are helping shape the future of New Orleans. Carnaval Latino makes it possible for the local and regional Hispanic community to participate in and celebrate its heritage and culture. Our primary goals and objectives are:

  • To provide a positive economic impact for the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans through a festival conceived, planned and produced by the local Hispanic Community for the benefit and enjoyment of its friends and neighbors.
  • To support Hispanic artists and musicians whose contributions to the culture and heritage of the New Orleans Area are vital to its cultural diversity.
  • To generate tourist attendance at Carnaval Latino events through the promotion of destination tourism and target marketing of audiences drawn to the Latino experience throughout the southeast, southwest, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central/South America, creating another “must attend” event for our City.
  • To increase understanding through educational forays into in the Latin culture and heritage, by presenting the highest caliber of artists, musicians and other performers during Carnaval Latino events.
  • To install a sense of pride and accomplishment in the Hispanic community.
  • The Gulf South’s largest and most colorful Columbus Day Parade.
  • All in preparation for our beloved City’s 300th Birthday Celebration – New Orleans 2018!


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