We are proud to announce Carnaval Latino 2014, a celebration of extraordinary Latin Music and the Hispanic heritage and culture.

Carnaval Latino’s 15th edition will again be held at the Flee Market in the French Quarter on the East bank of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, October 11th and 12th 2014.

Carnaval announces to one and all that the city once renowned as the “Gateway to the Americas” is still, and always will be, open to regional and international Hispanic business and tourism. Additionally, through Carnaval Latino, the Hispanic community proudly offers its best to all its neighbors and friends. This event is designed for the whole family and for people of all ages and backgrounds.

This year the festival is reviving its Desfile of the Americas Parade and we will like you to part of this amazing experience. Also we will add week day events, such as leadership conferences, empowerment seminars and business development components, to the great music. We are also planning to showcase other Hispanic artistry such as painting, sculpture, performance and culinary arts.

A portion of the proceeds is dedicated to the Hispanic-American Musician’s and Artist’s Cultural Association, Inc. (“HAMACA”), a 501 (c) 3 entity dedicated to fostering the arts and those who give it life.



Carnaval Latino Sponsorships deliver the greatest marketing impact possible, aligning sponsoring brands with Carnaval Latino leading up to, during and after the Carnaval Latinoevents. Carnaval Latino works closely with sponsors to reach their target demographics, hone their sponsorship activation approach, integrate sponsor offerings and achieve their marketing objectives.
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